Solder Powder

METALLOYS Solder Alloy Powder is considered as a main element in the making of all types of solder pastes. The solder Alloy Powder is available in various grades and particle size to meet the requirements of various industrial uses. The grades having different particle size also differ in rheological/physical properties that further affect the results of screen/stencil printing.

Metalloys is one of the popular names in the market reputed for dealing in fine quality Solder Alloy Powder. The potential buyers from every nook and corner of India are placing bulk orders for the Solder Alloy Powder as there is no alternative available to meet the exact requirements of various industrial applications. The Solder Powder is also packed conventionally to ensure protection against external contaminants and changing climatic competition. The availability of the Solder Powder various grades, affordable price and at within the stipulated timeframe has played a vital role in the enhancement of the demands of the Solder Powders. The company is also reputed as one of the supreme Solder Alloy Powder Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.

Solder powder is manufactured in different compositions. Some of the popular composition is specified below :

Grade name
Tin (%)
Lead (%)

NOTE :- We also manufacture Customized alloying grades of solder powder as per customer specification / requirement.